We’re a JTS-Team team of Financial Markets experts on a mission to earnings where all from different trading streams can share their secrets with you. We love Financial markets and Currency /commodities trading and performance you can see is all best from us to you to help you cash in on the world’s biggest financial market.

About JTS-Team

For those who are involved in our posibility to earn, Financial Markets is next to breathing. We have been associated with Financial markets and Forex/commodities specifically for more than 11 years now and understand it end to end from a retail as well as wholesale perspective. Risk and operations projects that clearly shows the amount of end-to-end knowledge involved in such a business. We trade with low risk and low drawndown and managed risk well and controll the greed and fear factor. We kept up our trading in addition to our day jobs, trading nights and from home till we decided to come together to create this unique community as a way to help others discover the magic of Forex.

Your future with Us
We created Fx Signals™ App to bring together all the tools and services you’ll need to educate yourself with before starting to trade and then to start trading for real. We are sure that - Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it with us.

RISK Warning !

All margin products carry a high degree of risk capital . It is not suitable for all investors, and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please make sure you fully understand the risks involved and obtain independent advice if necessary

All financial products traded on margin carry a high degree of risk to your capital. They are not suited to all investors and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary





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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Trading Hours?

JTS team pricing currently opens at 21:00 Sunday evening GMT and remains open until 21:00 Friday evening (00:00 – 24:00 server time).
This will change as daylight savings changes in Australia and the US. Notice of the change is given to all JTS team clients one week before the open time changes. As a guide, our MT4 market open coincides with 5pm on Sunday in New York.

Where do your FX prices come from?

All prices on JTS team products are obtained from our Australian parent which is the sole Execution Venue for all Contracts for Difference and Spread Trading. When executing Trades for Contracts for Difference, Spread Trading and other OTC financial derivative products with you, JTS team will take all reasonable steps to achieve the best possible outcome taking into account its Execution Policy and any specific instructions received from you. Customers should refer to the Execution Policy which forms part of the Customer Agreement. Our Australian parent derives its Foreign Exchange and Bullion prices from a range of market counterparties. Prices on Equity Index CFDs and Commodity CFDs are derived from the underlying exchange traded instrument.

What time do your charts reflect, why?

The time setting that appears on JTS team MetaTrader 4 is currently GMT+2, which is also known as ‘New York Close’. This means trading begins at 00:00 server time (currently 22:00 GMT), with the daily rollover occurring at the same time each day. This time cannot be changed on the platform. This is to avoid what is known as a ‘weekend candle’ which would appear on a Sunday on a daily chart with GMT based platforms.

How often do I receive an account statement?

You will receive a daily confirmation of your trades on any day there is trading activity. You will also receive a monthly statement on the first day of the new month.

How do I withdraw funds from my JTS team Account and how long does it take?

To withdraw funds from your nominated account, you’ll need to provide your MT4 login and password and submit a withdrawal request on our Account Withdrawals page. Alternatively, you can contact your account manager or email: mohamed.essa@axitrader.com during normal JTS team operating hours of Monday to Friday (8:30 AM – 6.00 PM GMT), withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours of being received as long as no additional information is required. Depending on your location, the funds may take one to three business days to reach your account. Note: JTS team can only make payments to bank accounts held in the same name as the Customer Account. No 3rd-party payment
requests will be accepted. JTS team is not able to process account withdrawals to credit cards. Withdrawals can be made using bank wire/transfer only. On processing a withdrawal request JTS team may require additional information to prove that the beneficiary account is under your name as third-party remittances are not permitted. All Fees and Charges are detailed in the Product Schedule.

How do I close my JTS account?

Make sure all the trades in your MT4 account are closed and simply email our customer service team and they will process your account closure request.

What are the different pending order types?

Buy Stop – Above Market Price i.e. You set the stop above the market so when the market hits the point you buy the shares/currency in an attempt to catch a bullish trend. Sell Stop – Below Market Price i.e. You set the stop below the market so when the market hits the price, you short the market in an attempt to catch a bearish trend. Sell Limit – Above Market Price i.e. You set the price above the market price as you
believe that when the price hits this mark it will go in a bearish trend. Buy Limit – Below Market Price i.e. You set the price below the market as you believe when the market hits this price, it will go into a bullish trend.


Trading on margin carries a high level of risk to your capital, and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please view our full risk warning before opening an account with us.

  • Foreign Exchange, Contracts for Difference  with GKFX Prime are all margin traded products. Therefore they inherently carry a high level of risk compared to other investments and as such you could rapidly lose more than your initial investment.

  • Margined trades are trades on the price movement of a product. They settle based on the difference between the opening price and the closing price of the trade or bet. They can settle in a currency other than your base currency and therefore your profit or loss could be liable to foreign exchange fluctuations.

  • You should not trade any margined product unless you fully understand all the risks involved with doing so and that you have sufficient resources available to you that in the event, however unlikely you may deem it to be, that there is an adverse movement in the price of that product that you can meet the financial obligations required by you with respect to margin payments and losses.

  • Margin trading is leveraged trading that allows ‘gearing’ which means that you can place a large trade by only putting up a small amount of money as margin. If the price moves in your favour you can greatly increase your profits. However even a small movement in price gainst you can lead to substantial losses and you may be required to deposit additional margin with us immediately to keep these trades open. You are liable for this and for any losses that may occur if your positions are closed. The potential losses, or profits, for margin traded products are, or could be, unlimited and this should always be considered by you when making trading decisions.

  • Not all trades can be opened or closed 24 hours a day. Many are subject to strict opening and closing times which can fluctuate. These are posted on our Market Information Sheets (MIS) which are available online and which we endeavour to keep up to date, without any obligation or liability on us to do so, or for its accuracy. For example national holidays and Daylight savings changes will affect the times when you can trade. Also a market may be suspended for a variety of reasons and during this time you will not usually be able to trade.

  • You are placing trades on our prices and not those on an exchange. Depending on the market, our prices will usually be based on an exchange price but can fluctuate away from the underlying prices due to a variety of reasons. All open trades can only be closed and settled with us.

  • If you are in any doubt whatsoever about any aspect of the risks involved in FX, CFDs then we recommend that you seek independent professional help or advice before continuing.

  • If you are considering trading in shares in a company that you work for then you should seek legal advice beforehand to ascertain that you are not in breach of any regulations.

  • Margin trading is not necessarily designed to replace existing or traditional methods of investing and is therefore not suited to everyone.